Superior to single top pivot solutions, the DUX is a compact, extremely robust and efficient two way pressure relief vent, and ideal for chemical gases. The DUX is the world’s first two way pressure relief vent for halocarbon gases (pat applied) and provides a level of performance not otherwise available for this application.

AFP’s top weighted, offset pivoted aerofoil style blades have the best available efficiency, reaction time and all out performance. The two pivot design with adjacent blades interlocking offers superior fire protection with low overall leakage and unique pressure relief efficiency.

Designed for and using the 2008 BRE live gas discharge tests, it is the only pressure vent on the market to have its free vent area (FVA) certified to BRE standard.

The DUX has the ability to be further tested on AFP’s Blast Simulator, with our FM-200 and Novec gas suppression systems. Static fan test opening pressure 180pa positive


  • NEXT DAY DELIVERY on 300 & 500 units if order is processed before 12pm
  • The DUX comes powder coated in RAL 9003 signal white as standard, for alternative colours please specify
  • The DUX has 4-hour fire rating
  • Manufactured to ISO9001
  • The products carry a 5-year guarantee
  • Fits walls from thin panels to 380 mm thick without any additional parts.
  • When installing in external walls an EXP expander box weather louvre should also be installed
  • For exterior walls less than 100 mm thick, where a Z frame may be required for surface mounting or for aesthetics
  • The DUX comes with wall liner, wall liner extension, fitting kit, intumescent mastic and fitting instructions


    Witnessed & Verified by the Building Research Establishment (BRE)

    Live inert gas and FM200 discharge test – Report No. 122084 BRE UK

    Fire Rating Certification European Approval
    Tested by Exova

    Standard Type: BS EN 1363-1 2012

    Report No. 359639 4 hour integrity


    The AFP range of pressure vents does not require calibration from an integrity test as they are fully certified to the BRE Live Discharge test of 2008