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The Insulated Blast Panel is a light weight insulated blast panel with an IP rated 100% gas, dust and weather seal. For use with inert gas systems, electrical switch gear and transformer building protection and explosive atmosphere building protection. Ideal for extreme environments such as deserts prone to dust storms and installations in areas subject to arctic temperatures. Also, used for large FVA ventilation requirements in buildings with gas suppression systems, such as transformer bays, where extremely low leakage is required when closed for gas agent concentration duration whilst maintaining a very high level of blast protection. Designed and tested using live blast tests in the AFP blast simulator and for extreme temperatures in the AFP industrial freezer (down to -83degC)


  • The Insulated Blast Panel has a vDC of 1.15 but due to unique design won’t open below 200pa when wind force is applied.
  • A vDc of 1.15 means the IBP conforms to a similar performa to the BRE certified performance of the SHX range.
  • The Insulated Blast Panel can be installed into walls up to 190m. Above this an WLX extension sleeve takes this to 390.
  • For security a variety of low to high security grilles can be supplied.
  • Can be installed with the SHX range of vents for fire rating of 4 hours
  • Superior efficiency for blast protection vDc of 1.15 for gas suppression systems
  • 100% Free Vent Area
  • Insulation ‘R’ value of 0.034
  • Superior sound insulation due to insulation and full air seal
  • Superior performance for high energy blasts from switchgear and transformer protection
  • Unbeatable gas retention for suppressions systems being 100% sealed when closed
  • Fully tested in the AFP Blast simulator for all types of blast protection
  • Tested to -80 degC in our industrial freezer
  • The products carry a 5-year guarantee


    IP Certified to IP6X Cat II & IPX3 by CSA Group