The only supplier with tested dynamic co-efficients!

For a number of years AFP Air Tech Ltd have been championing the need for pressure vents to be third party tested to prove that they carry out the task they are designed to do. Following discussions with LPCB, BRE and VDS regarding approvals for vents we that there were no international standards in place to test pressure vents. AFP then decided to develop a testing format. This testing format consisted of two parts:

PART 1 – testing with Retrotec Integrity Test Fan Kit in a live test enclosure. This was to set parameters on being able to verify that an installed pressure vent can open at the designed pressure and can be fully opened without manual intervention.

PART 2 – live IG55 and FM200 discharge tests. These were carried out to test and verify that the pressure vents provided the correct free vent area (FVA) and to determine the back pressure created by the pressure vent. This was to determine not only that the units tested provided the FVA claimed but that they vented the risk and kept the risk pressure within the limits set by the VDS software calculation programme.

AFP ensures that all their products are certified by this means of testing. Tests results can be viewed on individual product data sheets.


Live Gas Dishcarge Test Results

A VDS Software Calculations package provided AFP with a free vent area for the risk at a pressure rating of 500 Pascal’s™ of 0.083m2. A full discharge of the gas with a 300mm x 300mm square hole providing 0.09 m2 of Free Vent Area (FVA). This equalled the exact full and unobstructed opening area of all the pressure vents tested.

Test – SHX300 Balanced Weight Pressure Vent

The AFP SHX-UN300 pressure vent was installed and linked up to the recording device so that the vent blade positions could be accurately monitored and a discharge test carried out. This verified that the pressure vent fully opened and that the peck pressure in the enclosure reached 251.8 Pascale’s™.